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Dr. Roshin Biography: 



                                        M.D., Medicine


                                        St. Matthews University School of Medicine, Cayman Islands

                                        Graduated December 2007


                                        M.S., Natural Sciences

                                        University of Texas Health Science Center- Tyler, Texas

                                        Stephen F. Austin State University- Nacogdoches, Texas


          B.S., Biology


                                        Stephen F. Austin State University- Nacogdoches, Texas

Research & Publications

·   “Mechanism of Entry of Neutrophils into the Lung Lymph of Anesthetized Sheep Ventilated With E. Coli Endotoxin” Rowjee, R.A. , Stephen F. Austin State University- Master’s Thesis (1999)                                               

·  Migration of Neutrophils Through the Extra-alveolar Epithelium of the Lungs in Response to E. Coli Endotoxin.”      Peterson, B.T., Rowjee, R.A., E.J. Miller, and P. McWaters (American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 157: A350, 1998)


I created this website,, to provide global medical and humanitarian service 24/7.  Whether a person is uninsured, facing challenging economic times, or simply needs sound medical information, Dr. Roshin is in motion working for you!  I am still on my medical journey and hope to become a resident next year.  Thank  you.

Disclaimer: is and always been a voluntarily operated service.  The contents of the site, such as text, graphics, images, information, and other material contained on the website ("Content") are for informational purposes only.  The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking counsel because of something you have read on the website.  


                  Thank you, and have a glorious day!



Today, on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday November 26, 2015, regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, creed, age, gender, and or faith, we all have a reason to be thankful.  Thus, when witnessing ongoing, global conflicts, I remain in disbelief at such utter disregard for the sanctity of life, our most precious gift on the planet.  Why has our world descended into so much chaos?  Granted the carnage is mostly confined to five countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Yemen, and Syria); however, whether direct or indirect, forced or passive involvement, more and more countries are being affected by the metastasizing violence.  How has this cycle of violence evolved?  The violence is a direct result of our past “leaders” foreign policy decisions.   Likely, this cycle of violence has resulted from a culmination of past leaders’ decisions allowing money to be their God, a judgment which now results in peace being subservient to war and diplomacy secondary to retaliation.  The fault is widespread, as these conflicts generate income for respective governments and agencies.  Bottom-line, people are making money (becoming wealthy) off the carnage, violence, death, and destruction of fellow human beings.  Money has become the commodity more precious than life.  Over the past twenty-five years, decisions of “leaders” from the United States, Iran, Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan …etc.  have and are contributing to present day violence.  In fact, past “leaders” decisions have placed today’s rulers in a precarious position to make choices that will perpetuate a continued cycle of carnage, not promote peace.  We, as a global people, must change the world’s future direction.  

How, you might be wondering?  First and foremost, we must change our mindset.   If we continue to allow retaliation, rather than peace, to be our guide, continued carnage will be the result.  Remember, as I wrote and urged in 2000, approximately one year prior to 9/11, regardless of one’s faith, God’s message is simple.  Specifically, God’s omnipotent message is we can all live in harmony as long as religion teaches His four principles: love, peace, compassion, and respect for life.  If we as a people or individually, deviate from God’s divine message, chaos ensues.  Friends and citizens of the world, people without peace in their heart, are not true leaders.  A leader’s actions or lack thereof, to promote peace, speaks volumes.  Peace plays no favorites and takes no sides. We cannot afford to live in a world, where every exchange is met with a retaliatory response.  At some point, in order to move forward, and bring resolution to ongoing conflicts, forgiveness will become the essence for future peace.  There is a path to peace; but, the impetus belongs to us as people and leaders to live and breathe a belief that peace is not just plausible, true peace is reality.  The philosophy of this past generation has enabled violence to become entrenched in everyday living, occurrences that must never become the new norm.  So, today, as you enjoy friends and family’s company, celebrate life, realizing fellow humans in other parts of the world, are not afforded that luxury.  Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. 


Dr. Roshin

* Teaching international students at Harvest Institute about our American tradition, Thanksgiving. After explaining the five F's of the Thanksgiving holiday (Family, Friends, Food, Football, and 
 Four days off), each of us shared what we are thankful for in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! --- Newark, NJ (November 26, 2014).

                        - NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -

Our world expends too much energy on global conflicts instead of realizing the limitless potential of harmonious relationships.   From conflicts (Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Palestine,  Syria, Chechnya, China-Taiwan, North/South Korea) to terrorism (Boko Haram, ISIL) to social suffering (poverty, limited water, no sanitation) to cartel violence to global epidemics, philosophical and religious differences have created a rift in economic and social development instead of fostering a trust to help bridge the gap where inequities exist between developed and developing nations.  

Yet, for one night, the spirit of international unity and the potential possibilities of realizing common interests, as opposed to exposing differences, was on full display at Harvest Institute in Newark, New Jersey, Friday November 7, 2014 evening.   Students from all corners of the world shared music, food, drink, dance, and costume amidst decorated rooms and informational posters with one goal in mind, have fun and replace fear and or misconceptions with truth and understanding.  Countries represented during the festival included the following nations:  China, Vietnam, Spain, Portugal, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Angola, West Africa (Ivory Coast), Haiti, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, and Saudi  Arabia, and all attendees were none to0 shy to divulge the heritage of their respective country.  

IVORY COAST:  Ms Yasmine Coulibafy – “I’m from Ivory Coast West Africa I’ve a beautiful country I very proud of it we have some many tourist place Like beach, museum. You have to come visit my country! Thanks.”

ANGOLA:  Ms. Sueli de Sousa – “The music is very tradicional.  ThE good Too In my country everything is very Tradicional, clothes, culture.  We have the jinguba cake and coconut cake.”

BRAZIL:   Ms. Thalita Olivieira – “Everybody should know more about How Brazilians are friendly and love to know about different cultures.”

SAUDI ARABIA: Mr. Mohammed Saleh Benobau, Mohammed d Alsweeg, and Ali Akwaja – “Its there is one thing the most beautiful thing about my country is the holy place for the Muslims which is Mecca and Almadina.  The people there are so friendly and so funny and also first part in world that had the Islamic religion.”  

VIETNAM: Ms. Chu Chu Linh Nguyen – “I love food in my country. It’s really good.  You guy should try it.”

CHINA: Ms. Anzhi Li – “I love my country.  The people very friendly the food is quite delicious.  China has a long time history.  I love harvest institute school.  The teachers are very nice.”

SPAIN: Ms. Laura Donate – “What I like most about Spain is our life style and food.  We really enjoy going outdoors no matter what.  Spaniards are so friendly, happy and nice people and that’s why living in Spain is so unique.Despite being a small country, we have different climates that generate beautiful landscapes.  That’s definitely a plus.  Everybody should visit Spain at least once!”

SWITZERLAND:  Mr. Edgar Jorge – “The important thing about my country is beauty, like the mountains covered with snow all year long, Swiss watch, chocolate, cheese, many original traditions, and winter sports and the high quality of life.”

PORTUGAL:  Mr. Andre Carvalho – “The Portuguese people are awesome and likeable.  The traditional food is outstanding.  You should go to the main cities in Portugal like OPortu and Lisbon.”
PERU:  Ms. Marisol Melo – “I Love Peru is a histycal country archealogica site.  Peru is one of the best place that has many places for turism.”

RUSSIA:  Surkhay & Polina – “ Enjoy most: 1) russian hospitality 2) friendship value 3) my city of St. Petersburg.  Share about Russia:  1) Variety of nature from North to South 2) Classical music, Russian ballet 3) everything & anything about St. Petersburg.”

BRAZIL:  Ms. Rubiane Oliveira – “the best thing about us is that we are very receptive people.  We love to have tourists in BRAZIL.  Everyone feel welcome in BRAZIL.”

In the end, all people  left the festival as better individuals, marked by a closeness and an appreciation that the beauty of life lies in the diversity of people, food, religion, customs, and values.  I left wondering why and how childhood ideals, left by God in each of us, becomes a lost commodity by adulthood.  


Dear New Jersey Government & Essex County College Administrative Officials,

My name is Roshin Rowjee, and since January 2012, I have been a Biology adjunct faculty member at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey.  Over the past two years, I have enjoyed teaching my students both halves of Anatomy & Physiology I/II, and as much as I have taught my students health science’s relevance in life, I have learned much from each individual student’s diverse background.  I chose to bring my talents to New Jersey versus other states due in large part to the stigma associated with the state’s public and college school system; specifically, the need for good teachers and professors was a national calling, a plea that prompted Marc Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, to donate $100 million dollars to the Newark Independent School District.  Although the public school system is exclusive from New Jersey’s university and community college system, the student retention and eventual graduation rates stem from one consistency, good teachers in the classroom.  With that In mind, please click the following RateMyProfessor link, a website students use to evaluate their professors (  This informal website provides a gauge of a professor’s strength and ability within a classroom setting.  Establishing a good classroom rapport with students is essential to maintaining a controlled, responsive learning environment.  I am deeply humbled by my student’s comments concerning my teaching style and having me as their professor.  In fact, in addition to the RateMyProfessor comments, I have superb, former departmental Chair and student formal evaluations, as well as a separate portfolio full of student’s gracious comments stemming from my teaching style.  Yet, after two years of work performance beyond exemplary, I was not reassigned classes for Spring 2014, and more importantly, I was passed over for two full time Anatomy and Physiology positions this past year.  This letter is to ask why?

What more could I have done to secure and retain full time, much less part time employment, as a faculty member at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey?  Essex County College’s mission statement proclaims that the institution and faculty are here for students.  Quite honestly, after being the recipient of questionable administrative judgments, I ask are decisions actually being made in the best interests of students?   The rendered decisions appear to perpetuate, not eliminate, New Jersey’s public school and university stigma.  Yet, this is a personal viewpoint, and I wish for you, the reader, to offer an explanation, free of baseless and or impromptu allegations.    

As the Christmas holidays commence, I find myself unemployed, looking for work, and searching for answers as to why the fruits of my labor reap no rewards.  Nonetheless, I wish you and yours a holiday season filled with peace, happiness, and plenty of warm, cherished memories.  God Bless.  

Roshin Rowjee MD
(936) 632-7989                                                                                                                                                                                            December 25, 2013

Dear Essex County College Administration & Faculty,

Martin Luther King once said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”  Thus, I write this letter to Essex County College’s President Gale Gibson and the Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Edwin Knox, to ask why your respective offices have neglected to ensure my rights to fair grievance proceedings are fulfilled.   Prior to the end of this past year, I followed your office’s directive of following college protocol regarding the filing of formal complaints.  Thus, I specifically filed a grievance against the Biology Department Chair, Dr. Jill Stein, December 2013, through the Adjunct Faculty Union and the Human Resource department personnel. 

As of today, Monday January 20, 2014, Martin Luther King Day,  I have yet to hear of any investigation, much less resolution of the filed complaint.  What I have heard are categorical lies Dr. Stein relayed to Dr. John Smith concerning my conversation with her the day she (Dr. Stein) had an outburst in my classroom the third week of the Fall 2013 semester.  Dr. Smith asked me if the comments mentioned to him by Dr. Stein are true, and I told Dr. Smith that Dr. Stein’s comments are categorically false.  In essence, Dr. Stein’s fallacious statements constitute another grievance I should file against her; however, my Essex webmail account remains inaccessible. 

Dr. Stein has not reactivated my Essex County College webmail account, a site that should remain open while the grievance proceedings are ongoing  and until sufficient time has been allotted for me to communicate with all former students and appropriate faculty that a different email address will be established for all future correspondence.  At present, the filed grievance had only my Essex County webmail account listed for correspondence with those people in charge of investigating my complaint; however, for close to a month, I have not had access to my account; thus, I am not sure if administrative officials have tried to contact me concerning their investigation or findings.  In addition, I also need access to my e-mail account to make copies of files I left in draft storage, to copy online payroll stubs for tax purposes, to communicate with faculty and students alike letting them know that a new email address will be established for all future correspondence, and to check if any of my former students have sent or tried to send letters of recommendation requests or other school related matters to that account.  All school related matters have been coordinated through my Essex County webmail account, not personal or nonprofit sites.  Considering the fact that I have worked at Essex County College since January 2012, having temporary access to my Essex webmail account is the proper and right recourse to overcome a rather trivial issue; yet, your offices continue to choose the path of least resistance, dismissing and deferring decisions back to the very person(s) whom my grievance was originally filed.  With all due respect, leadership is missing from your offices.  Time is precious, and I seem to be spinning my wheels, gaining no traction; but, smelling the stench of being burned by administration at all levels.  When compiling stellar, formal student and prior Chair evaluations, along with viewing student RateMyProfessor comments ( ); my request to keep my webmail account active should become readily evident as my responsibilities to former students will continue well into the immediate future.  For a college that praises the likes of past Civil Rights leaders, I am sure Dr. King would be just as dismayed as me to the lack of quality decisions being made in the realm of higher education.

Thank you for your time and attention to my request.    Enjoy your Martin Luther King day.
Roshin Rowjee MD




Dear Mom,

Writing words to the person in this world who means more to
me than anyone else is more difficult than I imagined. After all, how do you thank the person who provided me life, has been my inspiration, a guiding light, a pillar of strength, a diamond of character, a philosopher of faith, a beacon of hope, and made me all that I am today.

Perhaps, I should create a new religion and m
ake you the Goddess--- (just kidding).

Seriously, mom, words are simply not enough to express how grateful and thankful I am to have you as my mother. No amount of gold on the planet could replace the respect I have for you, much less come close to expressing my appreciation for all that you have done and endured to build our family. I truly admire you.

Thus, on your 70th birthday, my wish to you is as follows:
“May your sunrises and sunsets always be filled with peace and happiness.”

God Bless, Mom.




* Picture taken August 2013 in Galveston, Texas.

" Probably my most intelligent class the last two years since teaching at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey.  From various backgrounds and countries, I enjoyed teaching Anatomy & Physiology to these future health professionals." --- Roshin Rowjee

"Wrapping up another semester at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey with arguably my most charismatic class thus far. Wishing them all the best life has to offer. God Bless."


Professor Roshin 


------------ “NEVER FORGET 9/11” POEM ------------------

We will “Never Forget 9/11,” the day when...

- All faiths cried,

- No God rejoiced,

- Heroes died,

- We became one voice,

- Sanctity of LIFE, humanity's guide,

- Rid the world of nuclear weapons, future stride,

- Never again must peace hit rock bottom,

- They are gone, but sacrifices not forgotten.

---- Roshin Rowjee (09/11/2011)

--- Heartfelt Prayers & Condolences Sent to the Families in Bihar.

 "Any nation that disregards the welfare of her children, is itself considered untouchable." 
                                                                                                                             --- Roshin Rowjee


For the first time ever, I met a Quaker, Susan. Fortunately, after I mentioned to Susan that the only meaning of “Quaker” that I was aware of was that of a brand of oatmeal, she smiled and graciously invited me to attend their church service in Montclair, New Jersey. So, on Sunday July 21, 2013, I became a Quaker. Did you know Quakers derive their lineage from a Christian movement that arose 
in England in the middle of the 17th century? I found Quakers to be a very simple, peaceful people, whose beliefs revolve around direct, unmediated communion with the Divine. As we sat in the worship room for one hour in total silence, my discernment message seemed to be an unmitigated respect I have for all peaceful faiths. I left with a profound admiration for the Quaker community. --- Roshin Rowjee

* In Picture:
Me, Susan, Barbara, and Pat.


Greetings Everyone,

I was granted the distinct honor of attending Monday January 21, 2013, 57th Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama beginning his second term as our 44th President of the United States of America.  The official theme for the 2013 inauguration was “Faith in America’s Future,” commemorating America’s perseverance and unity, marking the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and venerating the placement of the Statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Dome in 1863.  As we citizen observers waited in anticipation for the swearing in ceremony, I was humbled by the thought of how my parents risked life and limb leaving the apartheid system of South Africa to secure a better future for themselves.  Similar to many immigrants who migrate to the USA, my parents’ strength and determination to build a better quality of life is an enduring theme of our national unity.  The sweat of our ancestors leaves not a repugnant stench, rather our brethren leave an enticing aura that a commitment to work ethic and sacrifice are the foundations to a better future.  Yet our nation is deeply polarized.  From social issues to health care to our economy, the collective virtues of labor seem sacrificed to a generation whose philosophy has revolved around the self preservation of money and image at the expense of our national interests.   These words are written since my personal life seems to reflect the perils of our nation. 

Thus, my hope is that President Obama will continue his advancement of social issues inclusive of women’s equal pay, gay and lesbian equality, climate change initiatives, reasonable gun control measures, projecting a path for citizenship for fellow immigrants, improving affordability and access to health care for all Americans by allowing capitalist competition to dictate prices, maintaining a smarter national defense promoting peaceful resolutions versus war tendencies, and having this generation take accountability and responsibility for their past decisions, one of which is the national debt.  First and foremost, our nation must be placed on a path to debt reduction which will require a combination of spending cuts, tax hikes, and tax code reform.  If water represents the national debt, we reside in a sinking ship taking on more water.   Presently, we are the captains of this ship with a bowl rather than a pump to remove the water.  Hopefully, the corporate tax rate will be sizably reduced allowing companies and factories to relocate back to the USA allowing increased employment opportunities for all Americans.  In the future, more jobs are the needed pump to remove water from the ship.

Nonetheless, I felt privileged to have been witness to a momentous occasion in our country’s history.  I also felt proud to live in a country where the opportunity to fulfill dreams is reality rather than imagination.  May our country and the world continue a collective humanity spirit without relinquishing the ideals our elders instilled at the country’s inception, specifically, morals matter, trust is earned, work builds character, and with steadfastness, the world is your oyster.  As I left Washington DC, I felt a divine inspiration to fulfill a dormant, public service calling.  I am not sure what the future holds; however, I feel optimistic for us all.  God Bless.



Dr. Roshin 



Whether you are aware or not, our country is changing.  More specifically, the moral fiber of our country, here in the United States, is changing.  Last week, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the sale of Plan B One Step, an emergency contraceptive pill, to all women fifteen years of age and older.  Thus, without a doctor’s prescription, a young lady can walk into any corner drugstore, show identification proving age, buy the $50.00 per pill drug, and administer the dosage within seventy-two hours of unprotected sex.  Some people consider the FDA’s decision vindication for years of assault on women’s rights while other people believe the far left, liberal wing of this country has run amok.  My views are neutral; yet, I am of the belief that in an age of sex driven media and commercialization, last week’s decision erodes societal obligations to teach then reinforce values, such as personal respect, to our children.  More importantly, this latest decision undermines a parent’s ability to reinforce moral teachings from home.  I have always been of the belief that beyond the home, institutions of education, religious organizations, and the community, should always mirror similar messages concerning children.  Granted personal responsibility eventually takes precedence in adulthood; but, children represent a cohort where with consistent guidance and principled messages, conscientious citizens contributing to the betterment of their community are more likely.  Presently, a fifteen year old is not permitted to drive nor vote, is unable to marry without parental consent, can not join any military branch, incapable of legally purchasing a firearm, alcohol, or cigarettes; yet, a fifteen year old is NOW able to purchase and use emergency birth control, without the consent of any individual, because apparently, these children are good decision makers with issues concerning their body.  Are these the new societal norms we as a people now affirm?  This present generation seems to be teaching younger generations that life is all about safety nets.  If you initially make a bad decision(s), do not worry, you will be bailed out.  So, I ask, if a child learns that a rescue plan always exists, why would that youngster bother to learn or be responsible, much less accountable, for their actions?  Please feel free to express your opinon at  Thank you.



Dr. Roshin

* MY OPINION:  INDIA GANG RAPE (as requested by an Indian youth from Facebook)

"India, the world’s largest democracy, boasts a new generation of entrepreneurs, wealth, and economic success. Yet, to achieve superpower status, India has a duty to protect the rights of all her peoples. Women must have a voice, given equal rights, and the poor must be given avenues to climb out of poverty’s depths. The ongoing rash of sexual assaults along with the entrenched caste system is archaic, unacceptable, outdated, and irrelevant thinking. Respect is earned, and if India wishes future, tangible admiration from the international community, India essentially needs to respect her own citizens prior to achieving esteem from other countries. These continuous acts of rape are shameful. To India's youth (Facebook friends & people), change is needed."


Dr. Roshin 

* I have written my opinion as requested by a young man whom resides in India.  I was hesistant to offer an opinion about another country I have never resided; but overwhelmingly, the continous string of sexual assaults compelled me to respond.  Remember...

" Any system depriving an individual of dignity resonates change."
--- Roshin Rowjee



                     *RUTGERS UNIVERSITY: 

My website,, more often than none, receives numerous pleas for assistance due to abuse of all kinds.  Whether domestic violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or bullying, the prevalence of personal, suffering is utterly shocking.  Thus, hearing about physical assaults at the hands of Mike Rice, Rutgers University men’s basketball coach, was not surprising; however, what was astounding was the lack of leadership before and after this incident.   A video, displaying several years of unquestionable physical assaults and derogatory, homophobic comments made to student members of the basketball team, was brought to the attention of Rutgers University President, Robert L. Barchi, November 2012.  Yet, Rutgers President chose not to view the video until April 2, 2013, leaving all disciplinary matters regarding Mr. Rice to Rutgers Athletic Director, Tim Pernetti.  Mr. Pernetti and colleagues decided a three game suspension, a fine, and anger management classes were sufficient protocols to address Mr. Rice’s behavior.  This decision is absolutely unnerving, yet expected simply due to one fact, this generation’s philosophy has allowed money and image to trump common decency, as well as the guidance of spiritual and moral values.  The result is the mighty dollar taking precedence over people.   Case in point is that because Mr. Pernetti architected Rutgers University move to the Big 10 Conference, ushering in a future of big money and prestige for the campus, he was retained as a sound decision maker.   Yet, any person in his position would have immediately taken measures to protect the students of his athletic program, by removing the person causing the assaults from further contact with any student on the campus.  Tim Pernetti failed, and he was rightfully fired.  Dr. Barchi’s, failure to view the videos and act accordingly, in late 2012, also constitutes negligence to protect the university’s students.  Dr. Barchi should also be fired.  Yet, he is being allowed to retain his position as President due to, you guessed it, money.  Dr. Barchi was hired to oversee, implement, and expand unprecedented access to higher education, inclusive of state of the art medical schools, within the Rutgers University system.  Dr. Barchi’s plans have won support from New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie, boosters, and alumni alike; however, genuine leadership is defined by making good judgment calls in a moment of crisis.  Not removing the person causing emotional and physical abuse to students on the Rutgers campus is a failure of Dr. Barchi’s judgment and leadership, not the process.  Dr. Barchi should be removed from his position, and he can be rehired as a consultant to continue Rutgers University expansion plans.   But, to leave Dr. Barchi in office as President continues to exemplify this generations lack of spine, much less moral clarity, giving precedence to friendships over leadership.   In light of the Tyler Clementi suicide due to homophobic tendencies on that same campus, the decisions rendered by administration officials is startling.  Rutgers University officials need to look deep within themselves and decide whether money is more important than morals.  Why you might be asking?  As an outside observer, the Golden Rule much less good karma appears to offer little solace or meaning  on that campus.  Thank you.


Dr. Roshin


                       "PEACE IS IRREPARABLE." --- Roshin Rowjee

For Friends in North Korea...

                 "PEACE PLAYS NO FAVORITES." --- Roshin Rowjee


" North Korea, provocation, whether accidental or done purposely, will have consequences.  I agree your country should never surrender; but, never surrender peace.  Continued strength and respect are found in peace." 
 ---Roshin Rowjee



* Stop Proposed National Rifle Association Medicine Legislation

“Although silence is often seen as golden, I remain aghast that the American Medical Association has remained silent on an issue doctors hold sacred, specifically, non interference from outside parties, insurance companies, politics, and lobbyist concerning the physician-patient relationship. Yet, on January 8, 2012, the National Rifle Association (NRA), proposed legislation to be incorporated into President Obama’s Healthcare Reform bill, that would forbid doctors asking questions of a patient related to the nature of gun and ammunition ownership, use, and maintenance. These questions become relevant if during an appointment, a doctor diagnoses a patient with a psychiatric condition finding that individual to be mentally unstable. The doctor-patient rapport is confidential and unbiased, where the patient is deemed competent until a mental status examination results in a clinician’s impression that the patient’s behavioral evidence indicates otherwise. Thus in accordance with the Tarasoff Decision(1976), a precedent has been set that all professionals have an ethical duty and responsibility to report potential harm to the public at large, specific individuals, and law enforcement once the intent and threat posed by a patient has been ascertained. Presently, the scope of proposed NRA legislation is not entirely clear; yet, the transparency of infringing on the doctor-patient liaison is readily evident. Preventing a doctor from asking and documenting appropriate patient responses is highly improper, and if this legislation is enacted, that relationship between a doctor and his patient becomes compromised. The consequences of enactment would change medicine delivery forever. Thank you.”


Dr. Roshin 


- This past Sunday December 16, 2012, I travelled to Newtown, Connecticut, America’s latest epicenter of grief. As I walked two miles to Newtown High School, the designated site to pay respects to the fallen victims of last Friday’s shooting, I passed by the town’s towering Christmas tree, which has become a humbling, beautiful tribute to the twenty children and six adults who perished senselessly at Sandy Hook Elementary School . While awaiting President Obama’s arrival, I chatted with many of the locals, and their pain was palpable. Many questions surfaced including how can God be so uncompassionate, why was my child spared while other children perished, or why should a quiet community sustain such a tragedy? My response was tempered trying to be empathetic yet emphasize that this event is God’s will. Yes, as much as this incident is incomprehensible in terms of the scope of heartache and hurt, God’s will prevailed. God is reminding us that our society needs to revert back to His message that love, peace, compassion, and respect for life matter in our world. 

For well over a decade, this present generation has conducted decision making policy, domestic and international, based on two parameters: money and image. The result of this philosophy has resulted in choices based on self interest rather than common interests. More importantly, this established course of action has shifted our world, our country, and our individual interests away from God’s teachings with a subsequent trampling of peace, truth, sacrifice, morality, and compassion. We have become a reactionary society instead of a society with a disposition based on peaceful values. We have become a society of haves and have nots. Whether the Iraq war, predatory lending, unethical business accounting practices, cheating in sporting venues, inability to develop third world countries (Haiti) perceived as inability to keep our promises, relocating businesses overseas with subsequent exploitation of workers, ill timed tax cuts, or fiscal irresponsibility…etc., the protection of money and vanity interests has caused a precipitous deterioration in global, national, and individual values. In fact, our country, once admired for responsible leadership and sound, moral integrity, is wavering. Bottom-line, there must be a paradigm shift moving away from this generation’s philosophy toward a philosophy of more collective humanity. God wills this change with constant reminders through natural disasters and the taking of His children’s lives. 

I have always said, that if children are adversely affected by established policy, we as a society, must step back and reevaluate our goals. The shooting in Newtown, Connecticut is the result of placing money ahead of quality, moral teachings. Children are blank slates learning from their surroundings and the people they are exposed to on a daily basis. Thus, commercializing violence and sex in video games and movies, all in the name of making money, must be reevaluated. Assault weapons bans must be reimplemented. In order to purchase and maintain a weapon, annual mental health and background checks should be conducted. Banning a weapon only to have a similar prototype appear must be banned. Teaching children conflict resolution without violent acts should become part of the school curriculum. 

In all decisions, the right to life should always be the standard. The right to bear arms should never supersede the right to life. Thus, God has sent stark reminders that we need to reevaluate our goals. Purchasing an arm, as listed in the United States Constitution, is a right given to every citizen; yet, certain weapons should be limited only to military or law enforcement use. Thus far, most if not all mass shootings have occurred in public places. I hope that the stagnation in redefining gun policy has not been due to private schools being spared from similar tragedies. In the end, regardless of faith, God’s message has always been love, peace, compassion, and respect for life. Whether you pray in a church, a temple, a mosque, a church, a synagogue, or home, we can all live harmoniously following God’s teachings. 


Dr. Roshin


* USA: Superstorm Sandy Disaster Relief
• As New Jersey and New York await approval of the $51 billion dollar aid package by the 113th US Congress this January 15, 2013, I visited the towns of Union Beach, New Jersey and Sea Bright, New Jersey the first weekend of the New Year, simply my way of giving back to the state and communities from which I presently live. Upon walking and visiting residents of both towns, the stark reality of what unfolded October 29, 2012 (the landfall date of Superstorm Sandy) became readily apparent. People graciously invited me into their houses, shared their storm stories, showed me storm pictures, and accompanied me walking on block after block of decimated streets. I was grateful for their hospitality; yet, one theme seemed to become resoundingly clear, they feel “forgotten.”  Although FEMA's response was abundantly commended, most folks (and I) were not surprised by Congress’ inaction and excuses on the Sandy Aid Bill New Year’s Day. In my opinion, this generation's philosophy has resulted in our country becoming bankrupt, due in large part to fiscal mismanagement, and our inability to cover apocalyptic sized disaster expenses is a reality. Money for disasters must always be apportioned for in our national budget. 

Jennifer, a resident of Union Beach, New Jersey, said that for the past two years, every morning she walks the same path; but, now, she is “heart sore by so much loss.” Jennifer preferred not to have her picture taken  Mr. Vince Murphy, a resident of Sea Bright, New Jersey (see picture), invited me into his house, and showed me the watermarks in his house for the Halloween Storm (1991), the Perfect Storm (1992), Hurricane Irene (2011), and now Superstorm Sandy (2012). Superstorm Sandy trumped the Perfect Storm water mark of 5 ¾ feet by three extra feet, and what makes his story even more amazing is there is a 12-15 foot seawall one block from his residence. 

• I was grateful for the courtesy extended by the people of both communities, and I hope that our “leaders” in Congress will not delay the passage of the remaining Sandy Aid package set for vote in mid January 2013. May God continue to bring peace and comfort to our neighbors still feeling the dire effects of Sandy’s impact. God Bless.

• Please click on mywebsite link,, on ways you can help support the people of New Jersey and New York, still recovering from the Superstorm disaster. To this day, many of our neighbors in both states have no electricity or heat. Do we need to further dignify the need for monetary assistance? Some in Congress, apparently, think so.


Dr. Roshin 

1) SUPERSTORM SANDY - New Jersey Relief Fund Donation Link:


*  $51 billion Sandy Aid bill  was approved January 15, 2013.  Thank you  Congress.



“Today, Friday May, 10, 2013, I witnessed a rebirth. "One World Trade Center - Freedom Tower" in New York City became the tallest building in the western hemisphere and the third tallest building in the world. The One WTC building soars 1776 feet in height, and when viewed from below or from a distance, the building is absolutely a majestic site, and a living, towering monument, that from the ashes, all life lost September 11, 2001, will never be forgotten. We are all interconnected; thus, violence on one is violence on all. Let us solve future global issues with the wisdom of peace, compassion, empathy, and respect for all life.” --- Roshin Rowjee

Medical Advice Fees

On Memorial Day 2013, I attended a ceremony aboard the USS Intrepid aircraft carrier, honoring all who have served our nation.  I spoke with members of every generation; however, the Greatest Generation, veterans and civilians alike, left a profound impression on me.  Specifically, the Greatest Generation’s philosophy lies in stark contrast to present day leadership style and thinking.  One woman, of Jewish origin, mentioned that all wars fought since World War II are illegitimate.  A World War II veteran, who was privy to the conversation, agreed.  Now if this is not eye opening, I do not know what is.


Dear Roshin,

“I am sure you heard about the abortion debate in Austin (Texas).  I was wondering what your opinion about abortion?"  LP


Dear LP,

Before offering an abortion perspective, I would like to mention that my opinion continues to evolve.  After all, the only constant in life is change.  I wish to begin by mentioning that this past year, after unsuccessful attempts, a nineteen year old lady contacted my website,, requesting methods to abort her five month old fetus using overdoses of medications, wanting advice on the dangers of back alley abortions, and requesting information as to the costs and techniques used for typical abortions.  This nineteen year old teenager mentioned that her decision to abort her baby revolved around lack of family support much less resources to raise her baby.  Always the pragmatic, I visited with her over a span of a week, contacting a clinic that would not only provide free prenatal care for her and the baby; but, the agency  would also leave the option of adoption available if she still desired not to keep her baby.  Nine months later, this young lady has not only given birth to her baby, she married, has the support from both her spouse’s and her own family, has a job, and cannot believe “she was so confused before.”  In a synopsis, she said  I would have torn my baby limb for limb within my own body, and that seemed logical at the time; but, right now, my baby is the most precious gift I have ever been given. “I was confused, and I thank you doc for taking time to visit with me.”   This lady is from the Philippines; yet, regardless of country of origin or religion, abortion is a decision that places a heavy burden on what we as a society wish to value.  Should we place greater value on freedoms of choice or the preservation of life?   Personally and professionally, I believe life should always be the standard.  Yet, having mentioned this fact, I would not impose my value system on any women regarding her body; however, here in the USA, one of the most developed countries in the world, we have many forms of available contraceptive types, and in the end, decisions to engage in intercourse are a personal choice with consequences.   Recently, a federal judicial ruling will now make the Plan B- Step One emergency contraceptive pill readily available to women of all ages without adult or physician consent; thus, with so many means of contraceptive methods available, I ask should we even be discussing abortions in the second trimester of pregnancy?  At five months, there is a living entity in a woman’s body, nearing the ability to hear sounds and feel pain; thus, any abortion this late in a pregnancy, in my opinion, constitutes murder, or in the least, the loss of innocence.   Abortion is not a black and white issue, and as in life, exceptions do exist; but, placing a late term abortion safety net for the lack of foresight with respect to personal choices regarding sexual behavior, leaves one to wonder whether society is becoming weaker in accountability, responsibility, and judgment.  As mentioned in previous opinions, I have always been of the belief that the home, institutions of education, religious organizations, and the community should be consistent with messages to children.   Setting an example to the youngest generation, that humanity places the value of each life as the standard, will have far reaching consequences beyond abortion, specifically, less poverty, war, and famine along with better prospects for lasting peace.  Let us hope Texas recognizes that a democracy is only as strong as recognition of minority opinion; thus, a balance should be struck between preserving life as the standard but not denying access, inclusive of transportation to hospitals if clinics are closed, for women who choose to have an abortion.  Thank you. 


Dr. Roshin